Simona Puscasu

• 24 years of professional activity in different areas
• Editor for Allgemeiner Deutscher Nachrichtendienst Office in Bucharest
• Editor for the youth newspaper „Tineretul liber”, Bucharest
• Manager, German Tourism Office, Bucharest
• Economic Advisor in the Economic Department of the German Embassy in Bucharest
• Deputy Director of the RWE Representation in Romania
• Vast experience in teaching German for adults and in translation and interpreting activities

She studied German starting with the high school years at the German School in Bucharest, then at the University of Bucharest, the Department of Foreign Languages,
German – English.

Simona continued her academic training with the Romanian Academy of Management, American Business Concepts International Institute and the Faculty of Psychology.

She is a dynamic and energetic person, with a positive attitude. She is interested in communication, literature, music, art and sports.

Fields of expertise: German and English business translations and language teaching.

Successful projects:
• She developed and delivered training programs for Bosch Romania, Knorr Bremse, the Organized Crime Brigade, BMW Group Romania.
• She coordinated training programs supported and financed by the German Foreign Ministry.