What is Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is a tool that can provide a true picture of the services you offer your clients. It is an audit process that takes place discreetly and professionally, able to offer relevant suggestions to actively support your performance management policy.

Together with Skop Solution you can assess the following aspects on a real basis:
• Customers’ perception of the services offered
• The involvement of the company’s employees in serving customers
• Compliance of the employees’ activities with the requirements of the company (as interface with the client)
• Who are the most valuable and profitable sellers
• The degree of achieving the objectives of the sales, services and product internal training

Using the information gathered directly from your business environment you can take the necessary decisions in accordance with the actual situation or you can develop action plans that start from realistic assumptions. Thus, you will get an improved level of the services offered, a better understanding of your customers and, as a consequence, an increase or maintenance of their level of satisfaction and loyalty. Last but not least, by applying the right solution to problems identified correctly, you will be able to improve your turnover, to develop your business and increase profits.

Studying the quality of the services you provide is not the only thing Skop Solution can do for you through the Mystery Shopping program. To ease your work and help you better assess the opportunities and threats the competitive environment provides to your business, we can implement a program that helps you evaluate and supervise the services of the competitors. Thus you can learn how rival companies treat their customers, how satisfied these customers are, how they attract them, what their strengths and weaknesses are, the reasons for which clients would give up their services and would like to become your customers.

Thus, by combining the two Mystery Shopping programs offered by our company, you will acquire the necessary information to adapt your strategies in real time so that you can become the best in your field of activity.