Team Building

A team is a group of people who, together, are responsible for achieving a common goal. If one of the team’s members does not get involved, achieving this collective goal is threatened. Even in situations where all the team’s members perform their own role successfully but do not work together, the results do not live up to the potential of the team.

The most important element in building a strong and performant team is the understanding and involvement of all the members in achieving the common goal, so that collaboration at the individual level can become synergetic and produce the type of cohesion that everybody can benefit from.

The performance of a person who works in a strongly united team grow! Therefore, the activities that lead to obtaining such teams should be part of the managerial strategy of any company.

Diverse, challenging and stimulating, these activities follow one Skop: forming a powerful team. And because people are the ones who form the team, all the activities of a team building recipe are directed towards awareness and gaining support from the person beside you without ignoring the personal support you can give to the others in return. What is in stake is the collective performance based on the efforts of each and every member of the team.

Team-building programs focus on accessing those emotions that open channels of communication towards the others. Trust, fear, physical effort, power of concentration, curiosity, determination, courage, teamwork, personal sacrifice for the collective good, concern for the person next to you, getting the others’ attention become bridges of communication between people. There is a wide range of activities aiming to restore or strengthen these bridges of communication.

Of course, each program is customized according to needs and preferences, being adapted to the structure of the group.

The most requested outdoor activities are:
• Sailing on board of sailing or motor boats
• Mountain Rafting
• Canoe / Kayak
• Mountain Bike
• Karting
• Paint-Ball
• Offroad Expeditions
• Activities involving cars

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