Radu Gavrilut

• 7 years of experience in sales and sales team management, in the car domain
• Experience in the on-line promotion and web project development
• Expertise in the business environment in Romania
• Entrepreneur abilities acquired both through the practical experience gathered while working for relevant companies, and through the theoretical knowledge as a result of attending academic and post graduate studies
• Multiple skills, derived from his military educational background, which help a good trainer: discipline, accuracy, seriousness, respect towards the team, ability to adjust to various situations, as well as understanding, analyzing and efficiently solving a wide range of problems

Professionally, his career has encompassed all the development stages within a sales department, starting with being a sales consultant to reaching the position of department manager.

He graduated the Military Technical Academy from Bucharest, Faculty of Armored Vehicles.
Granted a “Diploma in Management” as part of the MBA program he is currently attending.

Fields of expertise: sales team management, key client management, retail and fleet vehicle sales, web project development.

Accomplished projects:
• Building and developing a professional sales team within an important car dealer
• Coordinating, at national level, departments of fleet vehicle sales of an important car importer situated in the first 4 players on the Romanian market
• Involvement in building and developing numerous training programs in the field of sales and sales team management
• Active participation in the organization and development of the national sales network of an important car importer