Serban Crenganis

• 10 years experience in the domain of sales and sales-team management, acquired as a result of the collaboration with one of the most important car importers in Romania
• 10 years experience in business administration, gained in the course of developing his own business ideas
• 13 years experience in building and delivering training programs
• Rich experience in project management and in organizing major car- related events
• Motivated to obtain exceptional results in the projects undertaken

He climbed all the hierarchical steps in the sales department and went through continuous professional development, starting from the position of sales consultant and reaching a managerial position at a national level.

A graduate of the Faculty of Air Space Engineering, specialization Propulsion Systems (Turbo engines), he acquired good skills in analyzing complex systems. He also graduated the Postgraduate School of Management Academic Studies, within the Polytechnics University from Bucharest, specialization Marketing Management, following his passion for sales and management.

Fields of expertise: project management and sales team management.

Accomplished projects:
• Building two showrooms in Bucharest, organizing many national and local events for the automotive industry (product launches, national caravans, local exhibitions, etc.)
• Conceiving, organizing and delivering nationwide product training programs, from the point of view of both content and logistics.
• Conceiving, organizing and delivering training programs on defensive driving, sales and sales management for important players on the automotive industry.
• Active participation in organizing and developing the national sales network for an important car importer.