Atittude and communication


This course of personal development is focused on maximizing the most important skills of a sales consultant or of any other employee having contact with the customer.


Changing the attitude towards the client, the sales process, towards work in general and the chosen career, especially. Becoming aware of and assuming the correct attitude towards ourselves and towards the people around us.

Improving the verbal and non-verbal communication skills, understanding the role of communication in interpersonal relationships.

Addressing to

All the employees, especially the ones getting in contact with the public, no matter the experience or the job.

Duration: 2 days


– Efficiency of communication
– Ramifications of communication
– The Mehrabian Model
– Communication barriers
– Written communication
– “One to one” communication and “public” communication
– Feedback, a method of improving communication

– The influence of attitude on behavior
– The Pygmalion Effect
– The Betari diagram
– How do we change the attitude of our clients?
– Confidence, empathy, assertiveness

– Image components (physical and moral)
– Moral image = Confidence, Power, Assertion, Intentions, Behavior and Attitude
– Physical image = Aspect, Mimicry, Gesture, Energy
– Relationships

– Understanding the conflicts
– Approaching the conflicts (prevention, disregarding, solving)
– Stages of the conflict (tension, confusion, arming, confrontation, adjusting)
– False solutions and feasible solutions to solving the conflicts