Management module III – Managerial solutions


Definition and correct interpretation of the most popular notions in the lexis of management: delegation, motivation, decision, conflict.


Adequate application of the most important managerial tools and resources.

Addressing to

Middle level managers, team coordinators.

Duration: 2 days


1. DELEGATION – the most important tool of a manager.
– Benefits of the delegation process (time recovery, quality, motivation and staff development, highliting your image in front of the team)
– Why don’t we delegate? Why do they avoid receiving new tasks?
– Delegation steps

2. MOTIVATION – the most important resource of a manager.
– Definition of “motivation” and “motivating”
– Factors generating motivation
– Maslow’s Pyramid
– Factors that motivate: financial / non-financial
– Factors that demotivate
– Why should the members of a team be motivated? ?

3. DECISION – the toughest tool of a manager
– The importance of decision (solving problems)
– Types of decisions (scheduled / unscheduled, certainty / uncertainty / risk)
– Decision-making traps
– Factors influencing the decision process
– Managerial decision in 5 steps

4. CONFLICT MANAGEMENT – mission impossible?
– Understanding conflicts
– Approaching the conflicts (prevention, disregarding, resolving)
– Stages of a conflict (tension, confusion, arming, confrontation, adjusting)
– False solutions and feasible solutions in solving the conflicts