Basic prospecting and sales


The section dedicated to prospecting identifies potential sources of prospecting, establishes mechanisms for approaching the objectives, indicates the way a phone call should be structured, develops listening and information organization skills. The section dealing with the sales process opens general perspectives on how to approach the sales process professionally and with maximum results. The whole program covers all the steps to be taken by a sales representative from the moment they get the target up to its achievement.


Acquiring the theoretical aspects useful for starting a career related to the sales process and selling techniques. Developing listening skills, transmission of appropriate messages, negotiating and closing the sale skills.

Addressing to

Sales people with low and average practical experience.

Duration: 4 days


1. Customer – the central point of interest for a sales consultant
– Sales, Purchases, Client
– Attitude towards the sale / Responsibility
– Image and personal message / assertiveness
– Communication process in sales

2. Steps of the sales process
– Prospecting, planning success
– The 12 basic steps in effective selling

3. Planning and organizing the activity of a sales consultant
– Why do we need a plan?
– The achievement of the plan
– Activities schedule
– Ratings and analyses. A proven system for high profit. Repeatable results.

4. Tips & Tricks. Conclusions and closing.

At the end of this program students will be able to:

– understand the importance and role of customers in the sales activity
– become aware of the mechanism of the acquisition process a customer goes through when they buy something
– make the sales process more efficient, by connecting it to the acquisition process
– change their lives by changing attitude on product, customer, job, company and life in general
– communicate better and thus improve the success rate
– understand the main steps of the sales process, why it is appropriate to implement them and how to do it
– implement a system of professional selling, certified by decades of practical experience
– understand and carry out an action plan
– assess their own performance and identify areas where improvement of work is needed
– substantially increase their level of sales, income and professional satisfaction