Working methods

All our training projects addressed to companies go through a process by which we ensure that the training program we propose fully covers all the needs and requirements of our customers, so that the benefits of taking part in a SkopSolution course should be to the maximum.

We are going to illustrate this process with an example applied to the sales department of any possible company:

Step 1 – Assessment
a. Evaluation of a representative sample regarding: knowledge and ability to communicate benefits to the client.
This assessment can be accomplished by one or more methods:
• Role-play interview
• Proactive observing on the job

b. Evaluation of the market segment. Identifying needs and behavioral patterns of customers.
This can be achieved by:
• Market research
• Multi-annual reports and analysis of the market segment in question
• Economic Reports

Step 2 – Training Package Proposal
After the evaluation we will make suggestions regarding the curricula for various training sessions.

The training sessions can be:
• Sales Techniques – basic, intermediate, advanced
• Course about customer benefits resulting from the use of their products and services
• Attitude and communication
• Creative Thinking
• Branding
• Management
• Organizational culture and internal marketing

These are just some examples. The training program that we propose to your company will be especially created for you.

Step 3 – Agreeing on and delivering the training programs
In agreement with the client company we make adjustments regarding the curriculum, content, and program delivery. The sessions designed and delivered by the Skop Solution trainers will be accompanied by appropriate and motivating course materials.

Step 4 – After training program
As part of the project, after delivering the entire package of courses, there will be an evaluation of the level of absorbtion and understanding of the principles and concepts presented during the training sessions in order to establish directions for individual development.

Step 5 – Personal Development
The project will conclude with a personal development program designed for each participant, which is oriented towards putting into practice the skills learned.